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Where Are the Oils?

On June 11, 2015 the Supreme Court of Canada sided with the plaintiff in R v Smith, ruling that patients have a right to possess and use cannabis for medical purposes in any form, not just the dried flowers made legally available under the MMPR. By July 7, 2015 Health Canada responded by amending the MMPR (Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations) to allow Licensed Producers to process and sell cannabis oils as well as ‘fresh cannabis’. By July 31, Health Canada issued their first production licenses to two producers, Ontario’s The Peace Naturals Project and British Columbia’s Whistler Medical...

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Can Cannabis Users Donate Blood?

The cannabis community is typically a generous bunch that loves to share (for proof, witness the altruistic glory of the communal bong). However, there’s more than one way to demonstrate goodwill towards your fellow man. Every year, on June 14th, countries around the world celebrate World Blood Donor Day. This year’s theme is “Blood connects us all.” The campaign aims to focus on thanking blood donors and highlighting the dimension of “sharing” and “connection” between blood donors and patients. Transfusion of blood and blood products helps save millions of lives every year. It can help patients suffering from life-threatening conditions live longer and with higher quality of life, and supports complex medical and surgical procedures. The annual event serves to thank voluntary, unpaid blood donors for their life-saving gifts of blood and to raise awareness of the need for regular blood donations to ensure the quality, safety, and availability of blood and blood products for patients in need. Here at Leafly, we’d like to encourage anyone who has the opportunity to get out there and do their part by donating blood if they can. If you’re a regular cannabis user, you may have wondered whether marijuana consumers can donate blood. In short, the answer is yes. To get a definitive answer, not only did we parse through various informational blood donor sites, we also reached out to local blood...

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Dispensaries and the Evolution of Enforcement: A History of Failure

Toronto is not Vancouver Torontonians were warned last year, again in January, again a month ago: there is an explosion of dispensaries coming.[a] Dispensaries and activists said there was no need to organize as an industry, this is Toronto, not Vancouver they said. City councillors said there was no need to develop regulations, because this is Toronto, not Vancouver. The police said they would raid if needed and when warned that wouldn’t work they scoffed; this is Toronto, not Vancouver. This mantra has been repeated across many jurisdictions, Nanaimo isn’t Victoria, San Diego’s not Los Angeles, and Los Angeles isn’t San Francisco. And no, Toronto is not Vancouver. Yet no matter how unique or special a snowflake you think your municipality is, it will make the same mistakes every other jurisdiction has made, and the only difference is how long it takes them to learn from their failures. Ignoring all of the moral and ethical reasons dispensaries exist, and setting aside the questions of whether or not this industry should be controlled and how strictly, let’s look at the issue from a purely practical standpoint. Dispensaries have always been under legal threat, threats of raids and arrest, criminal charges and legal action, or eviction and forfeiture. The same pattern plays out in every jurisdiction, the issues are the same, the tactics are the same, and the failures are the...

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Sun Life first insurer to stop treating pot users as smokers as marijuana increasingly accepted as a medicine

In a new sign of marijuana’s growing normalization in Canada, a major life insurance company has decided to treat cannabis users as non-smokers, reversing a long-standing policy and offering the group far cheaper premiums. Like its competitors, Sun Life has for years classified anyone who disclosed using marijuana — either recreationally or for medical purposes — as a smoker, saddling them with charges that could be triple those of non-smokers. But in a message to brokers last week, the company said the latest research on the drug’s health impacts convinced it to change that approach. “In our industry, we...

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Ottawa is to blame for Canadians’ confusion over marijuana

Canada’s medical marijuana fiasco came into sharp relief on Thursday when police in Toronto raided 45 illegal pot dispensaries and seized hundreds of kilograms of cannabis and its related products. Activists were outraged, the police were both apologetic and unapologetic, and, as always, the public was confused. The situation is a mess. It is now looking as though the Liberal government should have anticipated Canada’s chronic confusion when it announced last month that it would wait an entire year before introducing long-promised legislation to legalize marijuana. The current law is straightforward. It is illegal to sell marijuana for recreational...

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