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If marijuana is legal in Canada will everybody just get stoned?

Stoned Nation? A Toronto psychologist who treats depression, anxiety and addiction says he doesn’t expect the general population to take up marijuana with great enthusiasm once legalized. Even as police in Toronto swooped down on marijuana dispensaries this week, the countdown clock is ticking towards next year when it is expected the drug will no longer be considered an illegal substance. Dr. Richard Amaral said he expects some interest will be fired up in the early days after legalization. “Whenever a new product, or a new beverage perhaps, might get released, there’s curiosity, people try it … but it...

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Toronto police raid storefront pot shops suspected of trafficking

Raids on storefront pot dispensaries in Toronto where police believe marijuana is being sold illegally are being called “ridiculous” by some critics. “I guess we’re all going back to the street to get our pot,” said one man who identified himself to CBC News as John. He said he came to CALM’s dispensary on Church Street in downtown Toronto “to get my meds, but unfortunately the police have broken down the door and told me they were out of business. “It’s going to be legalized in a year, it’s kind of ridiculous this is happening,” added John, who told CBC he’s had a medical marijuana licence for eight years and...

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Why lab-made synthetic marijuana is NOTHING like actual cannabis

(NaturalNews) It seems to be standard operating procedure among scientists and drug manufacturers that whenever a natural substance is found to have beneficial medicinal or health-promoting properties, a synthetic version produced in the laboratory will soon follow – and often with disastrous results. Cannabis is certainly no exception to this rule. For decades, researchers have experimented with creating various synthetic versions of the active compounds found in cannabis – a plant that has been shown to provide a range of legitimate medicinal uses, along with its well-known psychoactive properties. Although the marijuana plant is easy to grow, and can...

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Bill Blair blasts unlicensed pot shops as ‘reckless’

The marijuana dispensaries spreading rapidly across Canada’s largest cities are illegal, reckless and often exist to make a “fast buck,” Bill Blair, the federal government’s point person on the legalization of marijuana, said Tuesday. In his strongest signal yet about whom the government will allow to compete in a legal marijuana market, Mr. Blair praised the “exhaustive and exacting” procedures of the 28 companies currently licensed by Ottawa to grow and sell medical marijuana, while attacking the storefront operations that have proliferated in Vancouver and Toronto in recent months. While the federal government wrestles with how to legalize marijuana...

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Survey shows Canadian Hospital Pharmacists supportive of cannabis, need education

The Canadian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy have released the results from a 2015 survey on medical marijuana sent out to licensed hospital pharmacists in Canada. The results show that while many Canadian hospital pharmacists find medical marijuana safe and effective, only 17% saying they consider themselves knowledgeable about marijuana for medical purposes. About 65% of respondents reported having no formal training on medical marijuana and over half reported not reading the MMPR. Through Canada’s Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) a pharmacist practising in a hospital is allowed to place orders with licensed producers for dried marijuana for in-hospital...

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