The City of Victoria is asking for public input on proposed regulations targeting medical marijuana dispensaries.

The new rules would cover such issues as preventing storefront medical marijuana retailers from being any closer than 200m from any school or from each other.

They call for no signage of any kind that would allow minors to know the business sells medical marijuana.

And they cannot be open for business between 8 pm and 7 am.

The City says there are currently 30 medical marijuana-related businesses in Victoria including 26 storefront operations.

Mayor Lisa Helps says one aim of the proposed regulations is to reduce that number,

“There are too many dispensaries, they’re not regulated, the federal government hasn’t yet passed any kind of legislation, so we’re left to come up with a regulatory regime to, quite frankly, cut down on the number, ” she said today.

The operations are all considered illegal, but are tolerated by some police forces while municipal governments wait for Ottawa to make expected changes to pot laws.

The City of Victoria’s proposed regulations and a survey can be found on the City’s website at

The public is also invited to a town hall meeting on February 22nd to discuss the issue.


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